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Consultancy & Construction Chemicals

PLUSTECHNO offers interdisciplinary working groups with experience in R&D and Innovation Management and short-term projects with potential for industrial commercialization. It is very important that the leading industrial organizations of our country can participate in this R&D network by participating in international project groups through project ideas and studies through TUBITAK. In this context, the European Union has the opportunity to benefit from the financial support that the HORIZON and EUROSTAR framework programs have provided for international projects under the following topics.
- Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing Technologies
- Reliable, Clean and Efficient Energy Field
- Climate Change, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials Area
With this viewpoint; The potential for collaboration with PLUSTECHNO's cement-concrete and chemical additive firms can be summarized under the following headings:
1) Optimization of new cements with economical and ecological efficiency with mathematical and statistical methods
2) Concretes whose environmental effects are minimize
- Use less water
- Using crushed sand by creating an advantage on the concrete
- Use of mineral admixtures in cement and concrete maximum
- Reduce the amount of chemical additives used
- Reduction of carbon footprint
3) Passage of existing projects in order to obtain innovative products that can benefit from international project incentives within the scope of TEYDEP, HORIZON and / or EUROSTAR
4) To create differentiation, pioneer and opportunity for lasting business partnership with "open innovation" by creating international AR-GE network network
5) Commercialize internationally patentable projects and establish a sustainable AR-GE system

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